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Remember Murphy’s Law…….what ever can go wrong, will.

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There are a host of strategic applications for your keyperson life insurance.  Click on the links below to gain a greater understanding of how they work.

Keyperson Capital Protection

Keyperson Capital insurance is an asset protection for your business maintaining capital value and stability in the event of death, disability or critical illness of a key person within the business. It provides sufficient cash for the business to preserve it’s assets by repaying or reducing business debts.

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Keyperson Revenue Protection

Generally, the biggest asset to a business is the health of it’s key people. Keyperson Revenue Protection guarantee’s that your most valuable asset is covered by providing enough money to compensate for the costs associated with replacing a key person.

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Partnership Protection

Does your business have a formal buy/sell agreement covering succession plans for your business in the event one of the partners’ death, disability or critical illness? A Partnership Protection strategy ensures the exiting owner receives true business value after tax.

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Business Will

Step into the shoes of your business for a moment.  What happens to it if you die?  Who gets it?  For how much?  Who funds the purchase?

Having a Business Will is very important.  Your family and staff’s future may rely upon it.

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Business Expense Policy

Business expense insurance allows you to insure up to 100% of allowable business expenses which your business would incur if you are suddenly unable to work. Commonly, this will be taken out by self-employed or small business operators so as to ensure that they have a business to return to.

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Group Life Cover

Have 5 or more staff members?

Then Group Life Insurance may be an attractive proposition as automatic acceptance could be on offer with no medicals and default minimum limits.

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Income Protection

Income Protection insurance is probably the number one need for every working Australian.  Your ability to earn income is likely to be your family’s most valuable asset.  Guarantee their financial security by covering your ability to earn income.

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Super Ownership

Having your life insurance owned and paid for within your Superannuation Fund or via the Insurance Companies Trustee Super services, can be a highly tax advantageous way to structure your policy.  We can help, just call us on 1300 78 55 77.

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Life Vault

Part of our service to you is the offer of a documented list of key data that may be important to either your business, or family, or both.

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Estate Equalisation

Estate equalisation strategies are common where families need to split their assets evenly amongst the next of kin.  Life insurance offers surety that the estate will have sufficient money to spread the wealth evenly amongst your family members, particularly where there may be a large asset being left to a member (eg. a farm left to a son or daughter).

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