Insurance Companies Can Play Hardball…

So Do We!

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We understand dealing with insurance companies can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time submitting a claim.

Don’t worry – we’ve made the process simple and we’ll walk you through all of the basics, including:

  • The information you will need to get started
  • What to expect once you file the claim
  • Answers to common questions about how insurance claims work

What We Do

As your appointed representative, we will work with you to relieve the stress of the unknowns and guide you through the journey.

Our claims team offers you an empathetic and supportive service to help you as they have been doing this successfully for many clients, for many years.

We can assist you, or your family member at the time of a death, disability, trauma or income protection claim.

Your Options

We often see claimants choose 1 of 3 pathways when making a claim:-

  1. Do It Yourself – The primary benefit of DIY is the saving of costs associated with making the claim. If you have the time, interest and perhaps experience with insurance, then this option may be appealing. There are risks however, such as ensuring that you fully understand the details of the insurance you have, managing your claim submission is in alignment with insurance company requirements, and that you remain informed about the claim on a regular basis with the insurer directly. Unfortunately, we have seen DIY claimants become disheartened with the process and not submit their claim, or simply walk away if not successful immediately. We believe there’s a better way, and we’re here to help.
  2. Expert Insurance Advisers – We are in the business of personal insurance and have a strong history of claims. All based upon hardened experience. We are dealing with insurance companies regularly, that ranges from submitting new applications of insurance cover, adjusting policy benefits to making claims on behalf of clients. With more than 15 years experience, we have built valuable strategic relationships and an acute understanding of how insurance companies work. We will also liase with you on policies that may be lurking in your suite of financial products, so as to help identify their suitability for claims such as
    • Insurance within superannuation funds,
    • Accidental only policies,
    • Credit card or bank policies,
    • Employer insurance benefits as well as
    • Your own personal life, TPD, trauma or income protection policies.

    Whilst we have seen DIY claimants become disheartened with claims, we remain steadfast in our pursuit to identify the reasoning behind any disputed claims.

    On a number of occasions we have doggedly pursued the insurance company with additional supporting evidence so as to successfully win the claim for our client – even after an initial claim denial.

    If there is an opportunity for us to assist you in winning your claim, we will endeavour to do so. We cannot guarantee the success of every claim, but we can assure you that we will be working as hard as we can for your success at a time of stress – and we will communicate with you every step of the way.

  3. Solicitors – Appointing a solicitor to assist with your claim can be a valid choice. Depending upon your choice, it may also be an expensive option. Clarify the cost to appoint a solicitor to work with you is a prudent move. We recommend that you also clarify the solicitors expertise in dealing with personal insurance claims, as not all solicitors specialise in this field. We believe that there are times when proper legal advice is sought. This may be where there is WorkCover involved, significant complexities, trust or business structures or taxation issues to consider. We will always advise you early in our discussion should it be appropriate to bring on-board a legal representative for your claim. You may wish to choose your own solicitor, alternatively we have a panel of trusted experts that we can suggest you call.

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Fee Schedule

No Win, No Fee

A No Win, No Fee pricing solution provides you with 100% confidence that our interests are aligned.

If you don’t win, we don’t get paid. Simple.

Let’s make this clear…

What happens if you do not get paid by the insurance company?

We do have a strong success rate. However, if you do not make a successful claim, by that we mean receive either a full or partial benefit payment from the insurance company, then we will not charge you any fees or costs incurred by supporting your claim.

Put simply, if you do not receive any money at all from the insurance company, then we do not charge you any fees for our service.

What happens if we win and do get paid by the insurance company?

Our fee is taken at the end of the claim process as a ‘success fee’, which refers to a percentage of compensation that is recovered from the insurance company.

Unlike some law firms who take large deductions from compensation as a success fee, Keyperson Life Insurance will only take up to, but never more than, 10 per cent of the final amount (up to a maximum of $25,000) for a lump sum claim benefit (ie. life insurance, TPD or trauma insurance claims).

In the event of an Income Protection or Salary Continuance claim, upon successful benefit payment for you each month, we will charge a one-off payment representing 10% of the first year’s benefit amount.