Keyperson Revenue Protection

Almost every business has the computer, copier and car insured. Yet it’s important to recognise that these are not the most valuable asset to your business. Often, it is the contribution of key individuals which plays the greatest significance in generating business revenue.

Keyperson Revenue Protection can assist in:

  • Compensating for the loss of business revenue
  • Pays the cost of finding and hiring a suitable replacement person
  • Protects the business profits
  • Maintains the value of the business as a going concern.

Things to consider include:

  • Who is missed most when on holiday?
  • Would the business miss their contribution if sick or disabled? How long would it take to replace them, how could that be funded?

Methods of Calculating Keyperson Revenue Cover

Method 1

3 – 5 times the Keyperson’s Salary + Cost of finding, hiring, training and replacing the Keyperon = Maximum Insurable Amount

Method 2

Annual profit or revenue contributed by the Keyperson (maximum 3 times for revenue or 5 times for profit) + Cost of finding, hiring, training and replacing the Keyperson = Maximum Insurable Amount